Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Who can resist a full-body massage? Anyone? Anyone? I didn’t think so! Massages are appreciated – and SUGGESTED- for all social beings, and this includes our long-eared friends. The sense of touch is a powerful form of non-verbal communication. It offers both a spiritual and spiritual connection.

Massaging your pet - in this case your rabbit - is one step above “petting”. With each stroke, you can conduct a healing energy that flows through your rabbit. You may even discover certain problem areas while massaging, places of tightness, pain and restriction.
As you learn how to massage your rabbit, you will become more familiar with what is going right and wrong with their body. You will be able to find areas of inflammation, coolness, heat, lumps, bumps, warts, and tender spots. This can help alert you if anything is off and if a vet visit is necessary.

Rabbits are prey animals, which make them quite skittish. When they are healthy, they are very social beings that enjoy interacting with other animals and humans. Massage therapy will help your bunny be more comfortable with being held and create a closer bond between the two of you.

Also, bunnies can be difficult to handle during grooming sessions and visits to the vet. Their fear can disappear with regular massages to make them more comfortable with being held and touched.

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous, including: flushing out toxins, increased oxygen, blood flow, and nutrients to the muscles, stimulate healing and improve disposition.

For instructions on how to perform a massage for rabbits, check out this site:

Happy Massaging!


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