Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mixing Salad and Politics!

Hello all!

I nearly met with Governor Schwarzenegger today! My mummy, Shoreh, decided to do lunch at Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills and while we were there, the governor also stopped by.

She was able to give a copy of the book to the governor's son but unfortunately he was to busy to meet with us. Hopefully he'll like the book and contact us soon!

The governor has been working hard lately to promote healthy living and fight obesity. He recently moderated discussion with President Bill Clinton at the Governor’s 2010 Summit on Health, Nutrition and Obesity. I think if he takes a look at the book, he'll see how helpful it would be to a Californian family or any family in the country looking to live a healthier lifestyle and pass those ideals onto their friends, children, etc.
*Read more about the governor's work on keeping California healthy

-Camelot and Shoreh

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